Exercising With Resistance Bands

What are Resistance Band Exercises? Resistance bands are strips of stretchable rubber that come in a variety of resistance levels ...
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Q & A about Physio!

I am in a lot of pain and have swelling, should I still get physio? Physiotherapy includes an assessment and ...
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Telehealth | Video Physiotherapist Online | Panorama Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic

We Strive to Keep Our Clinics Safe

Allied Physiotherapy would like to remind all of our patients: If you are feeling any flu, cough or cold-like symptoms, ...
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Poor Posture Among Students | Panorama Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic

Poor Posture Among Students

Is your child guilty of carrying their school bag over one shoulder? Do they slouch over the desk while studying ...
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What is Laser Therapy?

How Does Laser Therapy Work? Laser Therapy uses light to promote healing by improving blood flow and restoring normal cell ...
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