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Panorama Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic - 6 Physio Locations in Surrey BC

Our Physiotherapy Clinic in Panorama Surrey, BC, provides a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. The Panorama Physio Clinic offers Physiotherapy, Sports Injury Clinic, ICBC Injury Claims, WorkSafe (WCB), Massage Therapy, Vestibular & Concussion Therapy, Acupuncture & Intramuscular Stimulation(IMS), Kinesiology (Exercise Rehabilitation), Post Surgical Hip & Knee Rehabilitation and a Sports Podiatrist (Custom Orthotics)   

Our Panorama Physio Clinic provides services to Surrey, South Surrey, White Rock, Panorama, Cloverdale, Sullivan, Delta, Langley and Clayton Heights in British Columbia.

The Panorama Physio Clinic in Surrey BC treats, ICBC/Whiplash, Work Related Injuries,  Back, Neck & Joint Pain, Sports Injuries, Arthritis, TMJ/Headaches and offers Exercise Rehabilitation and Work Conditioning. 

PPSC differentiates itself by offering the following:

  1. A "hands on", manual therapy approach to treatment
  2. Surrey based Physiotherapists with different qualifications from around the globe
  3. Spinal(neck & back) decompression/traction for bulging discs, spinal stenosis, facet joint impingement and sciatica.
  4. Laser Therapy to break down scar tissue and increase the rate and quality of healing
  5. Our Physiotherapists in Surrey offer services in 5 languages: English, Serbian, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.
  6. The Physiotherapists at Panorama Physio Clinic in Surrey strive to offer the best quality treatment by continued education and training to enhance their treatment skills.                

The team of Physiotherapists at Panorama Physio & Sports Injury Clinic (Surrey BC) also provide services at our other Physiotherapy Clinics in Surrey, BC listed below:

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    Surrey 152St Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic
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    Surrey Hwy 10 Physiotherapy & Massage Clinic
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    Cloverdale Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic
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    Clayton Heights 188 St Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic
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    Surrey 88 Ave Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic



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