Gurinder Singh Hothi

  • Registered Physiotherapist


  • Bachelor of Kinesiology, Simon Fraser University 2010
  • Master of Physical Therapy, University of British Columbia 2012
  • Further pursuing an Advanced Diploma of Manual and Manipulative Therapy
  • Acupuncture level 1, 2, CAFCI


  • Worked as a physiotherapist in a hospital setting in 2012
  • Completed Level 1 Manual Therapy Examination
  • Completed upper & lower body training in the Mulligan Concept for Manual Therapy

Area of Expertise

  • Pre and post-op rehabilitation
  • Neck, back and peripheral joint pain and dysfunction
  • Sports Injuries
  • ICBC/WCB injuries
  • Acupuncture


  • Weightlifting, running, hiking, hockey, football
  • Reading, cooking


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After surgery for breast cancer, which involved removal of one breast and some lymph nodes, I developed a complication known as "Axillary Web Syndrome". It was a hardening in the tissue that left me unable to raise my arm very high. As I soon needed to raise my arm over my head for radiation treatments, this was a big problem. The Physiotherapists helped me regain full range of motion, and faster than my doctor predicted. I was also able to maintain the improved range of motion during and after radiation treatments (which also hardens tissue). The Physiotherapists are helpful, knowledgeable, and caring and have a great sense of humour. I highly recommend Panorama Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic.


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